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" I am so happy to have found I-pets. I just noticed I have orders that go back to 2006. Only once did I have a problem and that was quickly resolved. The "children" love the candy cane rawhides year round, so I have to order them frequently. Thanks for the products and the website. "
~ ~ Janet

Christmas stockings and gifts

Internet Pet Supplies Christmas stockings and gift bags are a great way to sample a variety of toys and chews for your own dog or as a gift for a friend or neighbor.


i-pets.com USA manufactured Holiday rawhides chews are listed at i-pets.com/usa-rawhide-xmas.html.
Other i-pets.com holiday treats are NOT manufactured in the USA. Because of price restrictions, we import these items. Read our policy on imported items


x Holiday Bones, 4in, 4pcs

4 pcs 4 inch Holiday Bones
only $4.00 x Holiday Bones, 4in, 4pcs add