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Customers comments about www.i-pets.com

We Love our Customers at Internet Pet Supplies!

At Internet Pet Supplies, we receive praise and compliments from our customers about our Customer Service. Our staff are trained, knowledgeable, and always friendly. If we don�t know the answer to your question, we'll find out and let you know.


We also receive compliments about the quality of our products. We're selecting new products very carefully - they have to meet our high standards and yours! As Internet Pet Supplies continues to grow, we will continue to bring you top quality products combined with the best service possible.


Customer comments :
In October 2001, we started collecting responses from our customers in a "Feedback Form" on our order page. More recently, happy customers are posting on our Facebook page, or on our blog. If you'd like a comment included, just let us know.


Customer pictures :
We'd be happy to include your pet's picture! Just e-mail a picture of your pet enjoying an Internet Pet Supplies product & we'll post it for the world to see. If you have a web site, include your URL and we'd be happy to post a link.





Internet Pet Supplies Customers Comments

" Our little (Norwich Terrier) LOVES the braided rawhides. He spends hours un-braiding them before chewing them up. So far, we have had only one small choking incident out of all 100 of the rawhide chews and he seems to be careful since that happened. We never give him a treat unless we are in the room with him the whole time however. Your products, their high quality, and the great prices have made him make us order them again. Thank you. "
~ ~ Julia


" Our dog is chewer and we go through rawhides like crazy! I-pets is our go to place for reasonably priced rawhides! "
~ ~ Doug


" I love ordering from your site! My dogs have never turned down a single treat or bone. Great service and fast shipping! I've recommended you to countless friends!! Keep up the great work! It's much appreciated in this household with 5 big happy dogs!"
~ ~ Jamie


" Great product, better than great price. Customer service done right. Trust your product for my family dogs No worries about mystery chemical additives. I like that you have tested your sources and stand behind your products Our dogs are very much a part of our family, and because of your product and prices we can indulge them a bit and stay within our budget. Thank you ! "
~ ~ Alice


" The bones I received are what I have been trying to find. My dog loves them better then any other bones that I have bought. Besides they are made in the USA. Not in Mexico, China or who knows were else. Thank you very much. "
~ ~ Lois


" Thank you for fast service. A big thanks for the free toys also, my two girls love them (almost as much as the sticks).This was my second order and am sure it won't be the last. "
~ ~ Mike


" I have ordered your bones for the last five years. Great! "
~ ~ Kim


" Always fast shipping. Thanks. Like the little surprises that come with the shipment. "
~ ~ Terry


" We just received our latest rawhide box, and there were two complimentary dog toys included! We have two dogs, so it was perfect--and they were both thrilled with their special surprise. Thank you! "
~ ~ Chrystal


" Fast and efficient, love the made in the USA rawhide option "
~ ~ Anne


" Thank you for the great products and the gift for my pooch. He loves it. Thank you for great service and products. "
~ ~ Julie


" We love your products and you are the ONLY company we buy rawhide from. I refuse to buy Chinese, Argentine, Brazilian rawhide due to past issues with toxic chemicals. "
~ ~ Kurt


" Love the product and the value "
~ ~ Rich


" I am just happy you carry USA Rawhide. As far as other products, I think you have a nice diverse selection. Thank you! "
~ ~ Misty


" We appreciate the quality of American products! "
~ ~ Terry


" Always a pleasure doing business with you, your prices enable me to provide a lot more happiness to my dogs than I could afford from a high street store. "
~ ~ John


" My order was delivered today. My dog would not let me be until I opened the box. These bones are great and my dog loves them. Have ordered from you in the past and will in the future. Thank you for making USA made rawhides. "
~ ~ Nancy


" We own giant dogs who love to chew rawhides; keeps them busy and happy-they go through a lot ! Your company makes them affordable, thank you. The boys are always thrilled when the UPS guy delivers a huge box from i-pets ! "
~ ~ Jessica


" My Black and Tan Coonhound Moonshine is going to love these rawhides. He is a huge chewer so buying bulk will save me money! Thanks. "
~ ~ Randy


" Well I had been buying Made in the U.S. bones at Wal Mart- out of stock: So I went on line and found you guys & it is cheaper than W.M. even with Shipping. "
~ ~ Pam


" Great MADE IN THE USA products, great prices, fast shipping! This is why you're the only Rawhide company I shop at! "
~ ~ Robbie


" Love the $6 shipping on any size order & the free shipping to Animal Rescue/Welfare! "
~ ~ Paulette


" I have always been more than satisfied with I-Pets.com. Prices are fantastic and the USA rawhide quality is excellent. I only purchase USA rawhide from you. "
~ ~ Margaret


" Great products at great prices and customer service. Love your "Specials" "
~ ~ Wendy


" I only will give my Golden Retriever (6yrs old) your USA rawhide, and he "polishes off" one 6" bone nearly every day. His teeth are shining and he has great digestion too!! My son, a veterinarian, cautioned me years ago to stick with USA rawhide!! "
~ ~ Jeannine


" I do rescue work 1 dog at a time - when I am called - and I am the dogs last hope. The dogs are often stressed and having rawhides seems to help with the stress they are feeling. I feel that rawhides help protect my belongings as I help these dogs learn to live in a home. Thanks so much. "
~ ~ Sharon


" Thank you for helping us keep our Great Pyrenees puppy (90+ pounds so far) from eating our home. :) "
~ ~ Kerry


" The seconds retriever rolls I received were much larger and a better quality than I expected. In fact they were huge, I know the dogs at the shelter were I volunteer are going to enjoy them greatly. "
~ ~ Susan


" I love the following:
1. Your products are made in the USA
2. Very reasonable prices
3. You use PayPal
Three winners. Thanks "
~ ~ Mary


" Having done a lot of research into pet foods a few years ago, I was looking for treats for my dog that didn't come from another country. I found your site, with guaranteed American-made rawhide, and haven't bought rawhide anywhere else since. My dog loves the retriever rolls. "
~ ~ Karen


" My dogs love the rawhides I get from your website and they last twice as long as the ones you get from a store...always get my rawhides from i-pets. "
~ ~ Jennifer


" This is my third Christmas year buying from your web sight. Thank you for offering USA made products. My pets really appreciate you too! Happy holidays! "
~ ~ Aileen


" Love your products, just keep being the best price out there for our raw hide. I never buy in store for them because quality is sooo important, and i swear china wants to poison our pets. I always recommend coming here first. "
~ ~ Christian


" great value for the products!! It is hard to find US made products in the store. I raise mini dachshunds and buy your rawhide products all of the time!! "
~ ~ Karla


" You have a very easy to navigate site and I especially like using my PayPal account to pay for products. Thanks "
~ ~ La Verne


" Have never had problem with diarrhea or other intestinal problems - 5 years. Only give 1 chew per dog per day. "
~ ~ Ken


" I have been ordering from I-Pets a long time. I have 3 dogs, Lab, Boxer and Shi Tzu. They love the pork sticks. Always satisfied with the prompt service. "
~ ~ Sherry


" I am THRILLED to buy the rawhide donuts in bulk. Our golden-doodle is a voracious chewer. This is my second order with you. "
~ ~ Kelly


" Please keep offering "MADE IN USA" products as that is all I will buy for my dogs. Thanks for caring."
~ ~ Linda


" Thanks for offering USA rawhide - we have told several friends about you after news of other unhealthy pet products. "
~ ~ Edward


" Our dogs love your peanut butter clear basted chips. We are confident in your product as it is a USA chip. "
~ ~ Greg


" Love your prices, excellent service, and my girl LOVES those retriever rolls!!!! Thank you, "
~ ~ Jodi & Diamond


" I want to Thank You for sending the rawhide circles for my dogs. They knew it was their box and stood over it while I opened it for them. Oh my gosh, the excitement........you would've had to see it for yourself! The rawhides were chicken and peanut butter flavored. They've had the chicken before but I've never ordered the peanut butter because they never seemed to be interested in regular peanut butter. Well, the next order I place will include the peanut butter. They went crazy for the peanut butter.
Also, these rawhides were much thicker so maybe the others were out of a thin batch. Please know, I remain a loyal I-Pets customer and thankful for the safe made in the USA products for my dogs(kids!) "
~ ~ Janine


" I am so happy to have found I-pets. I just noticed I have orders that go back to 2006. Only once did I have a problem and that was quickly resolved.
The "children" love the candy cane rawhides year round, so I have to order them frequently. Thanks for the products and the website. "
~ ~ Janet


" You all are awesome! Keep the USA rawhides going- hate all food coming from China!!!! Third world country not up to our specs!!!! "
~ ~ Lori


" I am thrilled someone cares enough about our pets to check out the China manufacturers. I am grateful that I found you! "
~ ~ Michael


" We love the braided rawhide My dogs freak out when they hear the delivery truck bringing them:) "
~ ~ Linda


" I love your selection and the pricing is unbeatable. Thank you for making my babies' treats affordable! "
~ ~ Heidi


" Today our second order of heavy duty rawhide bones arrived at the door. Katie, our cocker spaniel, knew before I opened the box that it was for her. She is happily chewing the first of the 6 bones in the order. She loves them! "
~ ~ Mary


" This is my 3rd order with intent to continue. i-pets has competitive pricing for healthier usa based products (rawhide chews) which are difficult to find at popular big box stores. "
~ ~ Ben


" I always do extensive research before ordering anything online in search of a good price and companies reputation. I-Pets offers a very competitive price and quality products. Thank You! "
~ ~ Marina


" Your raw hide is very nice and an excellent value.. I would recommend it to everyone... Plus the free shipping to rescues is simply awesome... "
~ ~ Debora


" You folks do a great job, but I can never love you as much as my dogs do. You are their favorite delivery! Seriously, thanks for your good products and customer/dog service. "
~ ~ Deb


" This is the second time I have ordered - 4 bulk USA rawhide products in total. My pit bull & dalmatian absolutely LOVE them & I actually look forward to recommending your site to others!! Thank you so much for providing such great made in the USA natural products. "
~ ~ Jenn


" Ever since I have found you I have been thrilled...with your products, prices, services. Class A operation. Thank you for that. "
~ ~ Carol


" I love your site! I can tell a huge difference in your products. I bought the retriever roll seconds for my newfoundland dogs. They absolutely love them and for the price! WOW! We sure got our money worth with these. There is nothing wrong with them in my opinion. Keep making those seconds for us! Smile I can tell these are natural by the odor. Although it is not to awful strong it certainly is not the sterile bleached out products that are saturating the market today. Good for you guys! I can stand a bit of odor from these if it means my babies will be healthy and not ingesting harmful ingredients! Your prices are very affordable and I tell other pet owners about your store to. Thank you for being here for us! "
~ ~ HarborWinds Newfoundlands


" I am been buying the USA rawhide for years. I like to think that it is safer than 'made in china' dog products. The one time I did have a concern, the customer service was first class! Thank you for being here and keeping the prices reasonable. I have 2 labs. 2 and 4 years old. They love to chew and chew. This is cheaper than furniture! "
~ ~ Cindy


" I am a returned buyer, I have checked out other companies and you are still my favorite. Nice variety and good prices. Thank you, Merry Christmas! "
~ ~ Renee


" i-Pets is great to work with - very friendly and accomodating. I appreciate how you work with your customers making them feel like they are Number One. Great Job! "
~ ~ Mary


" Placing my second order. My dogs love the rawhide chews and I am glad you have USA beefhide as it's not always available at pet shops. My first order came so fast, I couldn't believe it. I have already recommended your site to others. Thanks and Happy Holidays!! "
~ ~ Bill


" I have a Great Pyrenees that is allergic to beef and poultry so I am very grateful for the availability of USA pork...he dances for his pig ears!!! Thank you. "
~ ~ Jill


" You have a great website, very attractive and easy to use. Photos of products are very nice, and also the pet photos. "
~ ~ Marilyn


" Love your site... and LOVE that you give free shipping to rescues. "
~ ~ Cynthia


" Roxie loves your products and hides them all over the house! "
~ ~ Kathleen


" i'm really pleased that you guys make sure you know where and how these treats are made, and that they are safe for our pets - that's just great. thanks!"
~ ~ Tim


" We are a grateful customer, and as long as we have chows with jaws and teeth, we will be buying chewies for them. It is preferable to books, magazines and furniture, and walls. And we appreciate the fact that these are made in the US from hides from the US. Thanks so much. "
~ ~ Annette


" Thank you for having crunchy rawhides. We have a dog that swallows the real rawhide, so we are now relagated to crunchy. :-) "
~ ~ Linda


" Love your site and products. Always looking for chew toys for aggressive chewers. "
~ ~ Denise


" There is no other company that offers 100% USA retriever roll treats at such a great price, I will continue to purchase from you. My dogs love them!!! "
~ ~ Deborah


"Thanks for supplying in bulk. This makes wonderful Christmas presents for all of the dogs in our family. "
~ ~ Jill


" I have been shopping at your website for years and find you have a good selection at reasonable prices. Thank you "
~ ~ Heather


"Our 10 dogs love your rawhide chips, have been using them for 9 years. "
~ ~ Journey's End Ranch Animal Sanctuary


"Love the quality of the rawhide bones...these far surpass pet store bones! Also like the fact that you don't pack the middles of the bones with real small pieces of rawhide. "
~ ~ Steven


"Found you on line last year while looking for USA made. Thank you for selling USA made rawhide and for your great service. "
~ ~ Aileen


"On the toys you had marked a description of heavy, light and extreme chewers. I really appreciated this. "
~ ~ Anaka


"I was sad to see my stable item go up about $7. But at $3.50 a pound (average including shipping) it is still way cheaper than anything I can buy elsewhere. Of course, the quality is MUCH better, too."
~ ~ Lisa


"I found the prices of deer antlers very affordable. I am a first time customer and a first on buying Antlers. I hope my 3 dogs ages 1,2 and 13 enjoy them. My oldest has the elderly dog "sensitive tummy"."
~ ~ Rachel


"I have been ordering from you for about 7 years. I LOVE you new site!!! Thank you for offering quality USA rawhide and a good price. I also very much like your flat rate shipping. That is what keeps me coming back."
~ ~ Sarah


"I always appreciate the variety of [rawhide] sizes offered. Over the years, I've had 4 different size dogs so I've been able to accommodate them all. Your prices are FANTASTIC! I hate to buy from the stores."
~ ~ Linda


"I hope you keep your low prices. my cat's like your .50 cent toys I have been ordering them for a few year's now. thank you"
~ ~ Janice


"Been using i-pets.com for years. Thanks for still being in business and providing good products! "
~ ~ Susan


"Thank you for having the USA braids available. My dogs LOVE them! "
~ ~ Julie


"good prices, dogs love the products I get, and very good delivery service."
~ ~ Nancy


"Thank you so much for many years of great dog chewies. I will not complain about a price increase because your quality cannot be beat, despite the lowest prices on USA rawhide. I would rather you kept the quality up than go out of business trying to keep prices down."
~ ~ Andrew


"Your prices and quality of products is superior. When I purchase rawhide it is always from I-pets."
~ ~ Margaret


"I rescued 3 pitbull mix dogs and without all the rawhides i'm sure they'd have eaten the entire house by now. I shared your information with Paws to Care Corp. (my dogs trainer's company)and on the facebook."
~ ~ Judi


"I only purchase braids from you, as you indicate that they are 100% American made. I worry about dog products coming from China, etc. I very much appreciate you!!!!! So do our precious babies!!"
~ ~ Lisa


"I am so excited to find a pet supply source that actually carries true American made products!!!!! Can't wait for my order & not be so concerned about toxic chemicals in a chew!"
~ ~ Victoria


"My dogs and I appreciate the high quality chews you provide."
~ ~ Jennifer


"I have ordered from i-pets for several years now and have always been extremely pleased with the quality and the speed of service I have received."
blank ~ ~ Julia


"Love the buffalo hide lines for my small dogs"
blank ~ ~ Sharon


"As long as I have dogs that chew, I'll be buying from you! "
blank ~ ~ Josie


"Got the thin rawhide chews I ordered and they're absolutely perfect! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my old dogs enjoying their rawhides again. You guys really are the greatest!"
blank ~ ~ Casey


"I have been getting the USA pig ears for a few years from you and they are great. I have also referred you to several family members and they are now using you for there pet treats."
blank ~ ~ Pam


"I've been using your products for many years you have made my dogs a bunch of happy campers."
blank ~ ~ Irene


"Thank you for offering USA made rawhides; they're becoming increasingly difficult to find."
blank ~ ~ Carolyn


"My dog loves your clear basted products. She is a dog who needs to chew all the time so we go through a lot of rawhide. I am pleased that your products are from USA for more than one reason. The clear basted products smell ok to me and do not stain the carpet which is another plus. The pressed items chip away and are messy and difficult to clean up. "
blank ~ ~ Nora


"My name is Watson the cocker spanial & my wonderful Mommy recently bought some of your made in the USA bones.  What a treat when I saw the box at the door & it was for me.  My mommy opened the box & to my surprise it was full of yummy bones.  As you can see by my picture attached I LOVE the peanut butter braided bones.  Hoping you will someday sell them in a smaller size since as you can see the bones is almost as big as me.  Of course it didn't stop me from totally enjoying it.  Thanks again & would love to see my picture on your website.  "
blank ~ ~ Watson


"I like the USA rawhide knots- we go through alot of them and think the price is pretty good, like the knots instead of the bones."
blank ~ ~ Lisa


"I have 3 Boxers and 1 has 17 food allergies. Your rawhide twists are good for his teeth/breath and his only treat that he is not allergic to and does not stain my flooring. Thank you."
blank ~ ~ Terrill


"We have shopped with i-pets for years and have always been satisfied. Thank you for offering affordable, quality rawhides. With 7 dogs ourselves, we wouldn't be able to afford giving our dogs "treats" as often as I do if it wasn't for your company."
blank ~ ~ Michelle


"Oh my goodness!!! I am so so soooooo pleased with the rawhide!!!!! FINALLY I found what my dogs need at a VERY good price!! I WILL be shopping again!!! Thank you so much!! My four dogs are going right to town on these. There eyes about popped out when they saw the size!! Thank you again!! I am so glad I gave you a try, God Bless"
blank ~ ~ Jamie Osborn & Jill, Bear, Biscuit's & Brinx!


"I am a breeder of quality toy red poodles and always keep chew bones on hand for my puppies while teething. When I could not find true "American Made" chew bones in my local pet stores I began searching online and found your site and have referred all my new owners of my puppies to your site for their needs. Keep up the good work!"
blank ~ ~ Peggy


"We tell EVERYONE we know about the dangers of feeding "non-USA beef" or "non-USA processed beef" rawhides to their dogs, and when someone asks where to get "the good ones," we send them to YOUR WEBSITE! Our Catahoula Leopard Dog, Riley, who I would describe as an aggressive chewer, LOVES the Rawhide Rolls, as does my parents' Yellow Lab Mix, Ginger. FOUR PAWS UP!!! Keep up the GREAT work on behalf of the health and well-being of our canine family members!"
blank ~ ~ Traci, Pete, and Riley Gardner :-)


"My rotties love your products! I cut the chews in half to make them last longer, and to keep them from fighting over them! Don't take that wrong we don't let them really fight, just argue by growling. We love our rotties!"
blank ~ ~ BJ


"Your seconds rawhides are a life saver, we have two chewers and they love them, any too thick are taken to our local SPCA. THank you"
blank ~ ~ Cathy


"I only feed my Golden Retriever USA produced rawhide on the advice and insistence of our son (who is a veterinarian, actually an equine surgeon). It is increasingly difficult to find as you know! If it's not 100% USA, we won't buy it. THANKS!!"
blank ~ ~ Jeannine


"Your products are wonderful and I tell all my pet friends about it. The quality beats any pet store products and your prices and are very reasonable! My dogs love the pig ears! I might actually buy an antler one day!"
blank ~ ~ Pamela


"This is my 2nd order as my 10 rescued dogs love them. And MY budget loves them:) Thank you so much! "

blank ~ ~ LynnRose


"Our 2 Rottweilers love your rawhides. "
blank ~ ~ Judith


"We love the 10lb bags of rawhide rolls, the bacon chews, and the pressed beef chews.
I love the low shipping and low prices. We spoil our hound and we feel free to be generous with the dogs at work because we're able to order in bulk from you. This is a great site, thank you!"
blank ~ ~ Erin


"I love your products and share this info with the adopters of our rescue dogs. We also frequently buy extra bones to donate to our county shelter, because they are so affordable!."
blank ~ ~ DJ - Grand River Rover Rescue


"Fabulous site! have told soooo many people about you. I donated a lot of my first order to my local animal shelter and the dogs really liked the treats. Everyone was especially impressed by the rawhide retreiver seconds. I think they were able to cut them into 3 or 4 pieces to give to the dogs. keep up the great work ! I will keep telling everyone about you.
thanks and have a great day."
blank ~ ~ Rhonda